Eastern coast of Spain 3-Day Road Trip

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The stunning Eastern coastline of country offers one of the most captivating road trips in Spain – taking in everything from the multicultural buzz of Barcelona, through to historic ruins, dramatic natural landscapes, and charming little villages.  A private car rental in Spain is the best way to enjoy your road trip in Spain, letting you take in the sights at your leisure, and make the most out of the experience. Clocking in just over 500 kilometres, spread the journey out over three days to take in all the riches en route, and soak up every step of the adventure.

With both accommodation in Spain and car rental in Spain is easy and accessible, you’ll discover the best of this vibrant Spanish region.


Best time to visit and weather

While Eastern coast of Spain is beautiful throughout the year, you’ll find it a little wetter during March to April. The best times to enjoy the region are during May to early June – with warm climes and blankets of wildflowers across the landscape, while the weather heats up between July and August.

Rules on the Road

As with driving anywhere in the world, it’s important to pay attention to the rules of the road in Spain, as well as what to expect from other drivers. Here’s a list of the key points to note:

Speeding limits:

Before you choose car hire in Barcelona, read up on the different speed limits you’ll encounter around the region. As with many other countries, there are different limits for different roads and vehicles, with the standard speed limit on motorways set at 120 km/hr for cars.

Speed cameras:

There are several speed cameras in use around the region, and you’ll usually find signs put up to warn you beforehand. Stay alert to save on speeding fees – remember that if you’re caught exceeding the limit when driving a car hire in Spain can prove costly!


Road trip distance

There has been extensive improvement of road quality in the region, however be aware that as you head through your road trip into the more provincial parts of the region, you’ll probably encounter some bumpier roads! Take extra care of your car rental in Spain when dealing with narrow lanes or uneven road surfaces.

Road trip distance:

Barcelona Airport to Barcelona: 16 kilometers
Barcelona to Tarragona: 99 kilometers
Tarragona to Valencia: 259 kilometers
Valencia to Alicante: 179 kilometers

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Eastern coast of Spain Road Trip Day 1 –  Barcelona

Spend an exciting first day in Barcelona, the vibrant cultural heart of Catalonia. There’s a treasure trove of attractions, whatever you may be interested in – from fascinating museums including the Museu d’Història de Barcelona, and a wealth of art and architecture, from some of Spain’s greatest artists – including Pablo Picasso, one of the world’s most widely renowned modernists, and the Spanish experimental architect, Antoni Gaudi. The iconic Basilica de la Sagrada Família and picturesque Parc Guell are must-see on any visit to the city.

Barcelona has a buzzing nightlife scene, with delicious and diverse cuisine to choose from. Accommodation in Catalonia is affordable, with something for every budget – from low cost hostels to more luxurious boutique hotels.

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Eastern coast of Spain Road Trip Day 2 – Medieval Spain

As you head onward on your road trip in Spain, get ready to leave behind the fast paced life of the city for a step back into the past. Driving towards Valencia, you’ll discover picture-perfect historic villages, that look and feel like you’ve stepped back into medieval Spain.

The ancient city of Tarragona offers up some historic charms, including well preserved medieval monasteries to explore, as well as dramatic Roman ruins. And if you love wine, a visit to the local vineyards is a must, as they produce some of the most popular wines in the region.

Food is plentiful and inexpensive – check out local eateries for seasonal tapas served with a creative flourish. Accommodation is available at low cost within Tarragona and Valencia.

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Eastern coast of Spain Road Trip Day 3 – Alicante

On your last leg of your road trip in Spain, you’ll be treated to stunning ocean views, unspoilt beaches and wonderful coastal walks. Your car rental in Spain will prove to be useful – helping you scout out the best spots to explore with ease! The San Juan beach is less crowded and a great spot to relax, find food or simply soak up the sea views. And if you fancy heading up to the mountains, the Guadalest Valley offers some of the most spectacular views in Spain.

Being on the coast, Alicante naturally has a wealth of seafood and delicious, fresh cuisine to choose from, with a relaxed but lively pace to nightlife. Make the most of your Mediterranean experience, with an ocean-front hotel and enjoy the dreamy views overlooking the sparkling waters.

Have a great road trip!

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