Why Choose CarRentalia?


"Car rental booking process was easy. "

Tom Harisson

31,060 reviews from

"Car rental booking process was easy. "

Tom Harisson

31,060 reviews from

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Carrentalia?

Our main mission is to inspire people to travel by providing the best travel deals and useful information. We are all about providing the best travel experience from start to finish! At Carrentalia, we will find you the right car rental, smoothest flights and places to stay tailored to your needs. We want to make renting a car as simple and personal as driving your own.

Renting a car brings you freedom, and we’ll help you find the right car for you at a great price. We find and compare the best car rental deals so you don’t have to!

You can always rely on us to find the best car rental deals from the best worldwide car hire companies. We stand for no hidden car rental charges and finding the best car based on your needs (a family, economy or luxury car that meets your needs) from car hire services with free amendments in over 30’000 locations worldwide.

We compare car rental brands like Sixt, Hertz, Europcar, Avis, Enterprise, Goldcar, Interrent, Thrifty and more! Our range of cars includes mini, economy, SUV, 9 seater and others.

Why choose Carrentalia?

In simple terms, because we bring you unbeatable value and peace of mind throughout your rental car journey.

CarRentalia would like to offer you the best possible choices and deals:

  1. There are no hidden car rental charges and we are honest with our clients
  2. You can easily find and compare the best car rental deals
  3. We are offering car renting with free amendments in more than 30 000 locations worldwide
  4. You can choose a family; economy or even luxury car that would meet your needs

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via info@carrentalia.com!

Who's Carrentalia's team?

We are all travelling geeks from Baltics! And we love to share our knowledge and inspire everyone to travel!

Can I trust Carrentalia services?

Yes, you can! We collaborate with world known companies like – “Car Trawler”, “Kiwi” and “Hotels Combined”. We are in charge of connecting you – the customer with the compatible company – the provider to provide you with the best offer. But all of the responsibility is on that company which you rent from. We, Carrentalia, don’t provide any cars, hotels or flights ourselves.

Should I book my car at the last minute?

If you can avoid it, then no, because car rental companies boost their rental rates up for last-minute or “walk-up” customers. It’s a supply and demand principal. Don’t get caught at the last minute without a car-plan ahead. If you do find yourself searching for a car at the last moment, we consider booking through Carrentalia, which can offer you a reasonable rate even at the last minute.

What about car classes?

If you’re already planning your adventures for the year ahead, then make sure you’ve got yourself covered with the perfect budget car hire for Europe, wherever you plan to go. It’s easier than you think to find the right cheap car rental in Europe  – with a little forward planning, you could get a great car for a fantastic, affordable price. Before you decide to book your car, read useful guide on how to choose a rental car in our blog.

Do I need car rental insurance?

If you have no insurance, and anything happens to a rental vehicle while it’s in your possession, you’re responsible. And yes, car rental companies won’t hesitate to ask you to pay for a new car if you total one of theirs. Don’t drive a car without insurance.

Should I take a picture of my rental car?

Yes, definitely! Every rental car must be photographed or better yet, videotaped by you before you leave the rental lot. Most car rental companies do not adequately document the condition of your vehicle, and only a small fraction take photos of your car before you rent it. Don’t forget the interior! You can’t be too careful.

How do I pay for my rental?

It depends on the car rental company you pick to rent from. Some offers you to pay for the car at the rental, some have different options.

What about cancellation?

Our partner Cartrawler offers free cancellation and amendment up to 24 hours prior to your pick-up & no administration fees when you amend your booking.

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