The Top 5 Colourful Villages and Cities in Spain You Have to Visit

colorful spain cities

Spain is renowned for its incredible beauty, diversity, and color in every form – wherever you go, you’ll fall in love with this fantastic place! There are hundreds of must see spots and cities in Spain you have to visit but we’ve narrowed it down to some of the prettiest and most picture perfect places. So if you’re planning on booking direct flights to Spain soon – make sure you keep this list handy for planning your perfect visit!


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Park Güell

Of course, at the top of the list of cities in spain you have to visit would be Barcelona. This vibrant, bustling cosmopolitan city is home to the iconic and eye-catching architecture by Antoni Gaudi. You’ll find them all over the city so it’s a good idea to choose a budget car rental in Spain to make sightseeing a breeze for you.

Be sure to check out the colorful sights in the fantastic Park Guell, as well as others! And another more contemporary piece of brightness in the city’s skyscape is the Torre Agbar, the third tallest building in the city at 142 meters high – and lit up at night in vivid LED lights.

Costa Brava

costa brava must see

Calella de Palafrugell, traditional whitewashed fisherman village on Costa Brava

Indulge your eyes with the beautiful azure waters off North-eastern Spain and head to the must see Spain coast of Costa Brava. This long stretch of coastline boasts some beautiful golden beaches, secretive coves tucked away and sparkling blue-green waters. It’s also fairly easy to get to so if you’re planning to get direct flights to Spain, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and sort out transport to get around. Budget car rental in Spain is affordable and easy, and will give you all the independence you need to travel around.

As well as lovely beaches, the Costa Brava is also a foodie haven, with several Michelin-starred restaurants, locally produced wines and charming bistros, as well as a variety of cultural sights to explore in Spain.

Salamanca and Segovia

salamanca spain must see

Salamanca Cathedral

As well as the stunning coastal views, Spain also boasts some incredible historical sights too – and the dual heritage towns of Salamanca and Segovia show quite a different side of the country. Head across Spain by car to see the inspiring remains of ancient architecture here – built in the characteristic hues of sandstone.

You’ll find a towering Roman aqueduct, medieval taverns and churches, that are all fascinating to explore. There are plenty of hotels in Spain in this area and it’s worth spending a bit of time here, as Salamanca is especially thriving with cultural life. Explore the heritage sights by day – and enjoy the nightlife after dark!


Cudillero spainQuite possibly the prettiest must see seaside cities in Spain you have to visit is Cudillero – a tiny village on the coast of Northern Spain. When traveling through Spin by car, this small village is easy to get to, and worthwhile spot to visit.

The village perfectly captures Spain’s vibrant, colorful and charming atmosphere, with beautiful turquoise waters filled with traditional fishing boats, as well as brightly colored buildings around the bay, with a picturesque backdrop of rolling green hills.

As might be expected from a traditional fishing village, you’ll find some exceptional sea food here. At the end of the day, enjoy a leisurely stroll to the cliff top to catch the sunset and a great view of the whole village.

Have you explored Spain? What are your favorite spots or must see destinations? Share them with us!

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