Go Back in Time In Puglia Region

puglia region must see

The stunning region of Puglia is located down in the south of Italy, and an area growing in popularity with tourists visiting the country.  Easy to get to via flights to Bari, Puglia has an array of things to discover and see. Read on to find out why Puglia should be on your list of places to visit, the next time you are planning an Italian escape!

Discover a unique historical hub

Puglia is a truly unique part of the country, boasting some striking historical attractions. The Alberobello district is in fact classed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, and is known as the trulli district – featuring the characteristic white washed, domed buildings dotted around the region. There is plenty of Alberobello accommodation nearby, so it’s worth booking ahead to find somewhere close by, so that you can explore the area at your leisure.

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Alberobello town

Experience some gastronomic wonders

puglia must see

Tempting grapes in Alberobello

Puglia is renowned for delicious natural produce, most notably wine and olives. It’s easy to explore Puglia by car, and you can book harvest and wine tours ahead of your visit, where you’ll get to see first hand some of the artisanal vineyards and olive groves within the rural region.

With the region specialising in several grape and olive varieties, there is plenty to enjoy. You’ll be able to meet with local farmers and wine producers, experience the local viniculture and oil extraction process, and even get to try your hand at harvesting yourself. With flights to Bari available at affordable prices, this is a treat not to be missed.

Enjoy the historic architecture

The region is home to some exceptional examples of the country’s history, with several renowned sites. Castel Del Monte is a captivating feat of geometry, formed as a perfect octagon. While located on a hilltop in a fairly remote spot, it’s easy to get to when visiting Puglia by car.

As another UNESCO heritage site, the Castel Del Monte features eight towers, well preserved and ornate rooms and historical artefacts. It’s important to note that there is no parking directly nearby, but private spaces are available at a fee. It’s worth getting accommodation in Puglia beforehand to make sure you have somewhere to rest after the visit!

Explore Roman ruins

Near Puglia is the ancient city of Cannae (also known as Canne della Battaglia), an archaeological site of great renown. Pick up a budget car rental from Bari airport to make sure you can visit this worthwhile destination – you’ll find the fascinating ruins of a Roman battle from 216 BC.

Guided tours are available – get ready to step back in time to see something really special.

Take a day excursion out to Bari

Bari is one of the largest cities in Puglia, and a beautiful, character-filled spot. There are plenty of budget hotels in Bari where you’ll be able to enjoy comfortable and affordable stays, while you explore. Head through the picturesque winding alleys, soak up the atmosphere in the lively square by day or night, and enjoy a drink in one of the bars or restaurants while watching the world go by.

With budget car rental available from Bari airport, it’s not difficult to get to, and is a worthwhile place for an excursion.

Soak up the seaside ambience

There are several scenic seafront towns through Puglia, and one of the prettiest has to be Trani

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Trani town

Trani boasts a beautiful cathedral on the harbour – look out for the awe-inspiring floor mosaics and carvings on the wall. As well as the historic sights, you’ll also find great local seafood, made with delicious fresh and seasonal produce. While Trani has some good accommodation, you can also find budget hotels in Bari for more affordable options.

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Polignano a Mare town

Also you have to visit beautiful seaside town Polignano a Mare, that is just over 30 kilometers from Bari. Enjoy the crystal clear water, impressive cliffs and get inspired by the local cuisine.

Plan your next Italian trip to this scenic region for a visit you won’t want to miss! 

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