Which Car Category Should I Choose for My Vacation?

If you’re already planning your adventures for the year ahead, then make sure you’ve got yourself covered with the perfect budget car hire for Europe, wherever you plan to go. It’s easier than you think to find the right cheap car rental in Europe  – with a little forward planning, you could get a great car for a fantastic, affordable price. Before you decide to book your car, read on for a useful guide on how to choose a rental car.

Mini Cars – perfect for short/solo trips

Mini car

Travelling alone doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the perks of budget of budget car hire in Europe. Mini cars area ideal for short city trips for one or two travellers, especially if you don’t have much luggage. Cheap car rental in Europe isn’t just for epic road trips across the continent – hiring a car can also make navigating a city much more easier and comfortable, not to mention giving you the independence to explore and travel however you like.

Economy Cars – fuel-efficient and budget-friendly

When you’re looking at how to choose a rental car, budget is often one of the biggest considerations. Economy vehicles are a great all-round option – usually a 2-door car that will sit from between 2 – 4 people, with space for at least one large and small suitcase each, they are well-suited for short breaks. When choosing your car, look for a more fuel-efficient vehicle if possible, to cut costs while you’re travelling.

Compact Cars – perfect to fit all your luggage

When you’ve got a little extra luggage and an economy vehicle won’t cut it, go to the next category up. Compact cars will normally offer a 4-door option, making it a more practical choice, especially when there are a few of you travelling. These will usually deliver a little more mileage per gallon, so they are a great choice if you’re planning to explore further afield. Remember to plan your route out ahead of time, to decide which vehicle will be right for you!

Intermediate Cars – ideal when you’ve got some extra luggage

Choosing cheap car rental in Europe doesn’t mean having to limit yourself to the smallest cars – an intermediate car is ideal when you’ve got a few extra bags or passengers with you. One of our top car rental tips is to work out how much luggage you’ll be taking with you on your trip, to help you decide which car to pick. If you’re going to expect at least 3 mid-size suitcases or more, then a larger vehicle is a must.

Estate Cars – the practical family option

When travelling with a family, hiring an estate car is one of the best decisions you could make. Having a car makes getting around a lot more practical, efficient and headache-free! An estate car will comfortably fit up to 5-6 adults, or a mixture of adults and children, as well as keeping all of your luggage safely stowed away. Make sure you stay topped up for fuel throughout your trip, to avoid getting caught out on the road.

Minivans – generous and practical

Minivans are the quintessential travel vehicle, and can be a great choice for longer trips, when you have a lot of extra luggage to carry on the road, whether it’s just a few of you or a large group travelling together. They can be a practical option when you have large or oversized luggage, and you’ll often find affordable options for longer trips.

SUVs – when you’re planning an adventure for all locations

Finally, when you’re looking at budget car rental in Europe and are planning an adventure off the beaten track, an SUV is your best option. Ideal for longer journeys across country roads and more rugged terrains, coastal driving and ski trips, an SUV can comfortably fit up to 5 people and store a decent amount of luggage. SUVs will often come in a few different size options, so it’s worth exploring a few, before choosing one.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these car rental tips – and we’d love to hear your own suggestions! Book your car rental with Carrentalia before your next trip and share your adventures with us!

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