6 Unusual Things To Do In Rome

things to do in rome

While Rome is filled with plenty of world famous sights to experience and things to do, there’s much more to see than the Vatican and Colosseum! These suggestions of sights and things to do in Rome are definitely worth seeing of course, but there’s much more to see, beyond the busy tourist crowds. When you’re planning your flights to Rome, be sure to check out the list below to plan an inspiring a unique trip to the city.

Visit the Cat Café

Rome is filled with plenty of great restaurants, bistros and cafes where you will find all kinds of treats and things to do with friends and family – but for a one of a kind dining experience, head to the city’s only cat café! It’s perfect to visit if you’re exploring Rome by car as it’s a little further beyond the main tourist centre.

Grab your budget car rental in Rome and head to the Romeow Cat Café where you’ll find healthy and delicious vegan treats, while also getting to play with some of the cutest cats in the city!

Romeow Cat Café

Romeow Cat Café

Step back in time in the Appia Antica Regional Park

This stunning park is perfect to explore on a warm day, and provides a welcome refuge to the busy crowds in the city centre. It’s best to drive there, so book a budget car rental in Rome and spend a day away from the endless queuing. Also, you will discover many more things to do while on the way there!

As well as having beautiful leisurely walks, surrounded by tall trees and green space, the park is also filled with fascinating historical artefacts. Explore old churches, tombs and the remains of ancient aqueducts, and be sure to pack a picnic to enjoy in the calm fields. There will be definitely a variety of things to do in the Appia Antica Regional Park for you and your companions. 

Appia Antica Regional Park italy

Appia Antica Regional Park

See Rome’s ancient pyramid

While everyone knows about the most recognisable sights in Rome, did you also know there’s a 2,000 year old pyramid in the city?

The ancient construction dates back millennia, to an era inspired by the aesthetics of Egypt – and is actually the resting place of the religious leader, Gaius Cestius. With plenty of budget or luxury hotels in Rome available nearby, it’s a unique and quirky sight to add to your list and there are so many interesting things to do in the area as well.

Rome’s ancient pyramid

Rome’s ancient pyramid

Check out the Roman street art

Rome is filled with some wonderful art and sculptures all over the city, but once you’ve seen all the major museums, why not head a little off the beaten track to see art of a different kind?

Explore Rome by car and head out to the Ostiense district, where you’ll come across some captivating, quirky and impressive street art. With a thriving artistic community in the area, you’ll find bright and colourful art all over the buildings, making the perfect back drop for a memorable photo what  is a must thing to do in this modern era, right?

Get puzzled over Borromini’s Perspective

Right in the city centre, you’ll come across the Galleria Spada, and here you’ll find Borromini’s Perspective – a baffling 3D optical illusion brought to life. And if you’re booking budget or luxury hotels in Rome, then head on down to check this out.

It features a fascinating length of corridor that looks far deeper than it actually is – the trick is to work out how it’s done! Book your next flights to Rome so you can puzzle over it too.

Borromini’s Perspective rome

Borromini’s Perspective

Head to the ancient catacombs

Like many other European cities, Rome has a hidden world beneath the surface – these are the early burial grounds in the underground labyrinth below the main city.

There are over 60 catacombs in Rome, varying in size. All of them are filled with strange and mysterious alleys, hidden staircases and even chapels and arches – go and explore if you’re feeling brave enough!

Catacombs of Rome

Catacombs of Rome

No matter what destination you will choose, there will be many amazing things to do in Rome!

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