5 Reasons why Spain is the Best Country for a Family Road Trip


If you’re looking for an adventure for the whole family to enjoy, Spain is the ideal destination for everyone to enjoy.  A family road trip across Spain has plenty to offer – with a huge diversity of things to experience and discover, you’ll never be bored! Read one to discover why hiring a cheap car rental in Spain and getting on the road is the perfect plan for your next family getaway, with some great suggestions on what to see and do.

You’ll find something for all ages

Spain is full of a wealth of attractions, from stunning architecture, fascinating historical relics and sites, and wonderful natural landscapes. There truly is something for everyone to enjoy here, whatever your age or tastes.

Get cheap flights to Spain ahead of time, to maximise the fun. Before you plan your family road trip across Spain, it’s worth planning out your itinerary and looking at what you might like to include. It’s worth spending some time in larger cities such as Barcelona or Madrid for a day or two to soak up the city buzz and culture, before venturing out further afield.

You’ll discover your new favourite foods

Spain is packed with gastronomic delights of all kinds, from incredible wines produced in the luscious countryside, to delicious meats, baked treats and more. Different regions will favour their own specialities, so choose a budget car hire in Spain to enjoy a culinary adventure.

Paella is one of Spain’s most iconic and well known dishes, and one that all ages will enjoy. For authentic paella, head to Valencia, where natural, fresh ingredients are used to create a flavour-packed dish. With hotels in Spain affordable and easy to find, take time to stay in each region, and try a culinary class to pick up some new skills!

You’ll learn something new

As well as cookery courses, there is plenty more to discover and learn all around Spain. Book your hotels in Spain before your visit, and plan some culture-hopping. The country has a rich historical legacy dating back centuries, with stunning architecture and museums.

With a cheap car rental in Spain, it’s easy to get about and see what’s on offer. Once you’ve booked your cheap flights to Spain, why not head to Granada as part of your family trip? Home to the stunning Moorish complex of the Alhambra Palace, as well as well-preserved 11th century baths, and a fascinating science park, you’ll come away with a wealth of knowledge.

You’ll feast your eyes on the scenery

Spain is full of breath taking natural wonders, from incredible mountainous regions to calm oceans and picturesque lakes. With a cheap car rental in Spain, get around to see the full scope of what’s on offer.

Head to Somiedo National Park to experience the captivating diversity of Spain’s wildlife, in one of the biggest and well maintained national parks in the country. And for some beach side relaxing and coastal walks, try As Catedrais beach, known as the beach of the cathedrals, in the northern region of Galicia. With dramatic cliffs, rock formations and arches, it’s a reminder of how inspiring nature can really be.

You’ll be back for more!

With so much on offer, you’ll naturally never be able to fit it all in, so you’ll undoubtedly be planning another budget car hire in Spain for future visits! Why not plan trips to focus on a specific region or area of interest? You’ll be able to savour your time and focus energy, getting to discover some of the best that the country has to showcase.

Different regions in Spain thrive throughout the year, so you may even want to plan trips around the seasons, to experience the full variety of the best of Spain.

Are you planning a family road trip around the country soon? What are your planned destinations? 🙂