5 Awesome Things to See and Do in Lisbon

what to see and do in lisbon

There’s a good reason why Lisbon is one of the most popular cities in the world – this incredible city has the perfect blend of history and modernity, as well as being super cool and there is so many things to do in Lisbon! Read on to discover some of the most awesome things you can see and experience in this beautiful city, before you start planning your next trip!

Visit the Torre de Belém

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The Torre de Belém

Cheap flights to Lisbon are a-plenty, and if you’re only zipping in for a short break, then make sure that a visit to this stunning heritage site is top of your list. The Torre de Belém is a UNESCO world heritage site, and a captivating place to be. The tower overlooks the harbour and is beautifully preserved, making it a wonderful place to catch in views overlooking the sea, as well as capturing some priceless memories.

Go museum hopping

There are plenty of different things to do in Lisbon and one of the most thought of are museums of course. There is a huge variety of museums in Lisbon, delving into all kinds of fascinating subjects. It’s well worth booking in to one of the cheap hotels in Lisbon so you can spend a fulfilling day or two soaking them all in. Check out the Pharmacy Museum for a fascinating insight into the evolution of medicine over the centuries, or explore the Navy and National Coach Museums, where you can see impressive heritage vehicles and ships on display, as well as getting to learn all about them.

Head to the local flea markets

Lisbon has an impressive list of flea markets around the city – we recommend picking up a budget car hire from Lisbon airport, so you can zip around and check them out at your leisure!  The flea markets specialise in a variety of goods, from beautiful antiques and vintage trinkets, seasonal and fresh organic produce, to all kinds of quirky and contemporary creative goods, made by local designers and artists. Check out the listings for markets before your visit so you can plan your day, and make sure you get in early on to grab the best deals!

Ride the trams

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Lisbon’s tram

One of the most awesome things to do in Lisbon is getting to ride on the city’s old trams. Its historic tram lines are part of the city’s DNA, and you’ll find that the rattling trams are one of the easiest and convenient ways to get around the main city. One of the best routes to go on is tram 28 – make sure you bag yourself a window seat, and take in the stunning views, as you wind your way across from the hills of Graca, through historic cobbled alleys and old buildings, up to the city’s Estrela Basilica. Definitely worth booking some cheap flights to Lisbon for!

Check out the delicious food

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Pastel de nata

Lastly, there are so many marvelous things to do in Lisbon for foodies! Lisbon is renowned for having some truly exceptional astronomical delights – you will be spoilt for choice amongst the city’s many super-cool bars, restaurants and eateries across town. Be sure to check out some fresh seafood – tiger prawns, lobsters and crab are all local specialities, and come prepared in all kinds of delicious ways for you to enjoy. And for a sweet treat, have a tour through the city’s many bakeries to see if you can find the best pastel de nata – gorgeously warm, creamy custard filled tarts in a light crispy pastry. Definitely the best food to sustain you for a long day of sightseeing around this incredible city!

Apart from the rich variety of things to do in Lisbon, check out what Portugal has to offer!

With so much to experience and discover, you’ll want to come back to Lisbon time and time again. So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a cheap flight and start planning your trip – you’ll love every second of your stay here!

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