Things To Know About Italy

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Italy is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations for a number of reasons. Italy is famous for its boot-shaped peninsula, beautiful landscapes, history and cuisine. “The Boot” is located in Southern Europe region and its capital is Rome. Rome is home to the Vatican, landmark art and ancient ruins. In Italy you will find Renaissance treasures of architecture, fine arts and music. Here are just some of the uncountable things to know about Italy.

Top places to visit in Italy by car

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A place to go for wine admirers. Wine tastings, beautiful rolling hills, olive groves, vineyards and cypress trees. What else a wine admirer could ask for?

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Former capital of the Roman Empire and capital of Italy today. Rome is a large city that is both historic and modern at the same time, and is located in Italy’s central region. Best known for housing ancient Roman structures and the Vatican City.

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A unique city that is built upon a lagoon surrounded by the Adriatic Sea. Definitely one of the most romantic cities in the world.

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One of the most visited Italy’s destinations, located near the modern city of Naples. A tour of Pompeii gives a fascinating insight into the ancient Roman world.

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The must-see place for fashion thirsty people and for those who can appreciate world famous treasures like Leonardo da Vinci’s painting, the La Scala Opera House, the Castello Sforzesco, The Last Supper and one of the world’s largest Gothic cathedral. The most convenient way to see all these places is to go by car – cheap car hire is the best choice.

Driving in Italy - rules on the road

Speed limits

Legal speed on type A motorway is 130 km/h, on main extra-urban road 110 km/h, on secondary extra-urban road 90 km/h, on urban highway 70 km/h, in the city 50 km/h.

Alcohol levels

Penalties in Italy are pretty harsh so think twice before you sit behind the wheel. BAC limit is 0,05%. If your alcohol level is from 0.05% to 0.08%, you will get €500-2000 fine and 3-6 months license suspension. From 0.08% to 0.15% you will get €800-3200 fine and 6–12 months license suspension and up to 6 months imprisonment. Over 0.15% – €1500-6000 fine, 1–2 years license suspension, 6 to 12 months imprisonment and vehicle seizure and confiscation. Please don’t refuse the examination, because you will be considered under influence by default applying the over 0.15% rules. For newly qualified drivers (licence for less than three years) the limit is zero %. If you plan to attend a wine tasting, better don’t sit behind the wheel, because police do not allow exceptions.

Speed fines

If you are speeding, you will definitely get a fine. Most likely you will receive your bill long after you’ll be gone from Italy. Average speeding ticket cost is 200 EUR. Remember that speeding with rental car in Italy will cost you even more. Be aware of ZTL (Limited Traffic Zones) – areas with restricted access to cars. ZTL fines are tickets that are automatically generated and sent to drivers who cross into the designated Limited Traffic Zones. Pay attention to road sign called Zona Traffico Limitato (ZTL) in red circle. Fines for such an offence are different depending on the city, but expect it to be between about 50 to 80 EUR.

Speed radars

Speed radars in Italy are called “autovelox” and there are many of them. Note that speed limit signs in Italy are not always easy to see.

Road quality

Road quality varies in different regions and depends on the type of road.

Minimum driving age

You must be at least 18 years old and have held your license for 1 year.

Fuel price

Super 95: 1,72 EUR
Premium 98: 1,79 EUR
Diesel: 1,57 EUR

Side of the road

Right-hand side of the road. Keep to the right (slow) lane on multi-lane highways.

Seat belt fines

40 EUR to 70 EUR.

General information about Italy


The best time to travel around the Italy by car is the shoulder season (Apr-Jun and Sep-Oct). Average temperature in shoulder season in Rome is 20 °C. If you prefer hot weather, then July and August will be perfect for you – average temperature in Rome is 27 °C.  In low season average temperature in Rome is 12 °C.


According to estimates (January 1, 2015), current population of Italy is 60,808,000. As a result of the profound economic and social changes induced by postwar industrialization, during the 1980s Italy started to attract rising flows of foreign immigrants. Today in Italy live about 5 million foreign residents, that make up 9% of the total population. The distribution of immigrants is largely uneven: 84.9% of immigrants live in the northern and central parts of Italy (the most economically developed areas), while only 15.1% live in the southern half of the peninsula. At the end of the 2000s the foreign born population of Italy was from: Europe (54%), Africa (22%), Asia (16%), the Americas (8%) and Oceania (0.06%). In terms of tourism, Italy  is the fifth highest tourist earner, and fifth most visited country in the world with more than 47,7 million tourists per year.

Speaking language

Official language is Italian. Main foreign language is English (34%).

Cost of living
Obviously, how much it costs to live in Italy will depend on your own lifestyle and where you choose to settle. If your annual income is 16 000 to 25 000 EUR, you can live a pretty comfortable lifestyle, housing costs aside.


Tourism industry in Italy is highly developed and you will certainly not get bored. You can always find good deals on accommodation, especially in the south.

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