Things To Know About France

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France, officially the French Republic, is a developed country known for its long history, artists, scientists, fashion, classical art, dining scene, wine, heritage sites, the Alps and, of course, the Eiffel Tower. You just cannot not love France! It lies between three seas – Mediterranean, North Sea an English Channel. Each year France receives around 83 million foreign tourists annually – the most of any country in the world. Will you be one of them this year?

Top places to visit in France by car

Cannot decide where to go? Just pick a direction! France has a diverse tourist routes and in each side of country you will find something interesting. There are plenty of things to know about France, but one thing is for sure – you should definitely travel around France by car, otherwise you will miss all the fabulousness of this country.

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French Riviera

You have probably heard about this place so many times, that you just must go there! French Riviera is located on the French coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and is known as the playground for the rich, famous and hordes of tourists. Although the Riviera is famous for the glamourous lifestyle or the Cannes Film Festival, there are many other less well known destinations, such as the villages of Eze and Saint-Paul de Vence, and the perfumeries of Grasse.

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Mont Saint-Michel

Want to feel like the knight of Normandy or lady of the court from the 8th century? Go to one of the most surreal places you can find in France – the rocky island of Mont Saint-Michel, rising up from the midst of vast mud flats and some of Europe’s most powerful tidal waves in France’s northwestern coast in Normandy.

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Well… What is there to say? The numbers speak for themselves – the most romantic city in the world is a destination for more than 45 million visitors annually. Paris is known for its mix of business, entertainment, gastronomy, fashion, art and culture. Now imagine yourself lingering over pain au chocolat in a sidewalk café, relaxing after a day of strolling along the Seine and marveling at icons like the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe… Enjoy the perfect Paris experience in the city or rent a car and go to the Province.

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Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is a region in the center of France, regarded for its spectacular scenery, splendid chateaux, picturesque vineyards and historic villages. The Loire Valley stretches 175 miles along the Loire River, twisting and turning through some of France’s most beautiful villages and charming chateaux. A place for those who appreciate a fabulous rural view!

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Enjoy a leisurely weekend in France’s second largest city Marseille. It is a major Mediterranean seaport located off the southeast coast of France. It boasts an idyllic climate, Roman ruins, medieval architecture and distinguished cultural venues. Discover lavender fields on Lavender Tour (held each year in August) or just hire a car and go to Cassis and Aix en Provence by yourself.

As we already mentioned, the most convenient way of visiting all your desired cities and sightseeing places is to go by car. If you don’t own a car, there are many options for not only cheap car hire, but luxury car rental in Paris as well. You can also hire a car in Paris airport. France offers wide range of rental cars, so everyone can find a car that meets their needs.

Driving in France - rules on the road

Speed limits

French roads have a variable speed limit that depends on weather conditions. In dry weather on rural 2- or 3-lane roads you can drive to 90 km/h, on 4-lane expressways (in rural areas) – 110 km/h, and on highways (in rural areas) – 130 km/h. When raining, the limits are lowered to (respectively) 80, 100, and 110 km/h.

Alcohol levels

France has changed alcohol limits this year, lowering the alcohol limit specifically aimed at younger inexperienced drivers, so if you are a learner or have recently passed your driving test (within the last 3 years) the level of blood alcohol cannot exceed 0,2 grams per litre. It remains at 0,5 grams for all other drivers though remember that is still considerably lower than in other countries.

Speed fines

Foreigner or not, speeding is punishable by law, so make sure you know what you are letting yourself in for! In built up areas, fines are set at 90 EUR for exceeding 1-39km/h. For speeding from 1-19km/h on other roads, the fine is 45 EUR; for speeding from 20-39km/h it’s a 90 EUR penalty. From 40-49km/h the fine is 135 EUR. Overspeeding by more than 50km/h is considered a big deal and it will cost you at least 750 EUR and your car can be confiscated to the police compound!

Speed radars

New speed traps are being set up in France everyday! If you drive a French registered car – yours, a friend’s, a rental car – the owner will receive a fine, and most likely (car rental agencies definitely) will get back to you.

Road quality

France has a good road system, but the quality of roads varies enormously: while motorways are generally excellent and most other main roads are also very good, urban roads and minor roads in rural areas can be poorly maintained. But if you happen to like driving on forest dirt tracks, please be careful with rental cars!

Minimum driving age

You must be at least 18 years old to drive a car, but keep in mind that most of the car rental agencies in France prefer older drivers.

Fuel price

Super 95: 1,45 EUR.
Premium 98: 1,50 EUR.
Diesel: 1,18 EUR.

Side of the road

As in most European countries, also in France you have to drive on the right side of the road. Keep to the right lane on motorways and other roads.

Seat belt fines

Fine for not using a seatbelt is 135 EUR.

General information about France


France has a temperate climate which will be familiar to visitors from most of the Northern and Eastern Europe. From April to August weather is generally warm and pleasant with moderate rainfall; fall temperatures are a bit lower and the winter months (though colder) remain mild. Exceptions are mountainous areas, as morning and evening temperatures are considerably cooler in summer and become much colder in winter with heavy snowfall.


Did you know that France ranks number 21 in the list of countries by population? It has reached the 67 million mark this year (and it is predicted to overtake Germany’s in 2050). 200,000 immigrants enter annually into the country. One out of two is born in Europe and one in three in Africa.

Speaking language

Official and predominant language is French. There are some secondary languages after French, such as Alsacian, Breton and Occitan.  Oh, and you should know that in France English is far from guaranteed to be spoken.

Cost of living
Average monthly salary in France after tax is 1960 EUR, which may sound pretty appealing, but if you calculate all the costs… Well, for example: 1 bedroom apartment in City Centre costs 650 EUR; basic utilities is 152 EUR; monthly transportation pass is 50 EUR, and on and on.


What do you think is the most visited country in the world? Yes, you’re right – it’s France! 84,7 million tourists visited France in 2014. You may ask why is that so? First of all, France shares borders with eight different nations, which means it’s easier for all those France lovers to pop over. Secondly, you just cannot not love it!

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